Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fat Tire Clone - March 2011

Made a kinda-clone of fat tire, but I changed the bill quite a bit. Did some online research and doctored up a recipe from about a dozen different takes on fat tire. I downplayed the chocolate malt and amped the biscuit and base 2 row pale ale. Funny, I also got the wrong amount of grain at the store. I asked for 8oz of two of my grains and got 0.8lbs. All the grain was mixed in so oh well :) This was the first journey of the rubber-made mash tun and 10g boilermaker! 14lbs of grain; Eff was about 60-some. first running was 1.080 and second was 1.040 which meshed together for 1.055 which I decided to amp up to 1.066 with DME @ 10 minutes to go. Bittered with Willamette and flavored with Fuggles. Fermenting 2w @ 66. With a 1/2g starter of WLP001, it took off like a rocket and finished active fermentation in 2d. Took a sample the other day and it was at 1.017 on target and the taste put fat tire to shame. I'll be crashing in 1w, racking 2 days later, and force carbonating for 2d, then off to NABX!

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